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She wants a man who treats her with respect AND can ring her bell in the bedroom. Women write me all the time and tell me how hard it is to find a Masterful Lover, so the way I see it, Cure Nice Guy cuts two ways.

Your whole life you've been doing what you were taught and have been nice... But, you don't get the results with women you want, and bluntly the lets-just-be-friends thing sucks. Modern society has let us down by creating so many nice guys. And what they really desire is a man who makes his woman feel appreciated, is sexually exciting and can give her wild screaming orgasms. Both men and women will have better sex and better relationships.

I have taken a unique part of who you are, and I have used that to memorize your name.

Here's a woman, hard at work, pulled herself up by the bootstraps despite her ethnic heritage, but all you see is that she's topless.

Yet now you find yourself asking: The secret is in this simple formula... (Actually, that's not quite correct, I'll tell you why in a minute) But Curing Nice Guy isn't just about men, because fact is... They either end up with a nice guy and boring lame sex, or they end up having great sex with a bad boy who ends up treating her like a used condom.

When you hear a woman say a Good Man is HARD to find, this is what they mean.

And I know it's a problem that can be solved by taking small steps.

You don't have to change, you just need to learn how to tap into things you already have. You just need to learn to let your bad boy out to play when the time is right.

Sometimes it meant the woman never called back, then I knew it didn't work.

Or commentary about the way in which women are treated in the workplace?

of truly heart-pounding sex (less than 1 out of 10,000 people know about this)... The ) to have a super exciting sex life, and also to admit they don't understand woman, and don't know exactly what to do to unleash her sexuality.

Your nice guy belief system tells you it's wrong, or it would offend a 'nice girl'.

Fact is, in the context of heightened sexual arousal by a dominant man.

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And it doesn't matter what the desire is, it's the belief that the desire is wrong.

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