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I knew that I was going to have data management issues, become super lonely, and have difficulty keeping colleagues posted about my fieldwork dues to unpredictable internet access in China.So that is when I came up with the idea of live fieldnoting on Instagram, a photo sharing app on Iphone and Android.Live fieldnotes demonstrates the combination of two activities that are central to ethnographic research, 1.) the ethnographer’s participation in a social world and 2.) the ethnographer’s written account of the world through her/his participation.Live fieldnotes are typically comprised of a one to five sentences.

All live fieldnotes are timestamped, publicly accessible on the internet, and include location data.

If I’m in situation where I can’t take out a notebook because it would distract from the situation or it would be too cumbersome, then I would have to memorize everything. I made my research transparent and accessible with daily fieldnotes.

I still haven’t found the perfect fieldnote system, but I wanted to experiment with a new process that I call, “live fieldnoting.” Just last week I met up with a friend’s mom. Anyone who wanted to follow along in my adventure could see what i was observing.” Before I moved to China to do one year and a half of fieldwork.

His posts tend to be a mix of raw observations and compelling questions.

You see early examples of this work on his blog in 2002 but it wasn’t until 2005 that he really started getting to it.

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But with mobiles, laptops, i Pads, and digital pens, not all ethnographers write their fieldnotes. I have experimented with the Livescribe Pen, regular old notebook, and a laptop.

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