A believer dating an unbeliever

Posted by / 03-Jul-2018 08:24

I remember speaking to one friend who was engaged to an unbeliever about her relationship and her response was that she knew scripture taught it was wrong, but that in her situation God had made an “exception”.“Are you not afraid that this person, the one you love the most in this world, will one day go to a lost eternity if they are not saved? “I’ll just have to deal with that if it ever comes to it,” she replied and they married.

He started coming to church with me, he read the Christian books I would give him, we would debate and discuss for hours the Bible and what it was to be a Christian.One speaker suggested that some in the meeting “were bound in chains” and these chains were limiting their ability to serve God fully. I then began tearfully to tell them of how my heart was in serving God in mission, but I was in love with a man who did not love me and I wished to be free from that so that I could focus on my calling.I asked them to pray that all my feelings for him would be taken away. I left the conference really quite concerned and confused.He was a big help to me in the early days of my new life, everything seemed great, and I was convinced we were to marry – when quite suddenly, he ended our relationship.He couldn’t really give a reason why but it was over.

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It seemed a wonderful opportunity to witness, and I felt spiritually refreshed and close to the Lord because of all our discussions and my reading of scripture and good books to try to convince him, and find answers to his questions.