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Pereira dated girlfriend Meg Turney from 2010 until 2012 and is dating American actress Brea Grant.

She was carrying the show (because nerds want boobs not talent necessarily) and the show was carrying the network. Once she left the show without warning, producers took too long to find a host, and picked one that didn't jive well.

In 2002, he got work as a production assistant for “”, then after “Arena Pulse” and “The Screen Savers”.

Pereira hosted the network’s live technology information show, “Attack of the Show!

Since they had just sent off John Oliver the same way, except Oliver deserved the send off due to his tenure, the joke was how over the top and unnecessary it was for Che.

It's hard to comfortably ride the line between comedy and journalistic sincerity. Heh, I remembered when they installed enough HD to make a 1 TB computer and how amazing it was.

Then they brought in a bunch of new people and made it into a show about nerd culture or whatever it became.

They didn't send off Michael Che because they felt he deserved much more than a goodbye and it was nice.

The send off was a direct mocking of how they handled the send off for John Oliver, down to how it started with a "fake piece".

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