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Four years later the team finished fourth when her boyfriend and Davis went on to win silver. citizen in 2005 and since then has represented the U. Belbin’s mother, Michelle (Mc Kinlay) Belbin, is a former-figure skater who after retirement made most of her daughter’s costumes.

At the Sochi Olympics, the retired Belbin is working as an analyst for NBC and is critiquing White. After, Tanith retired, she’s worked as a choreographer and as a commentator on ABC’s Definitely believe that that you stated.

“It’s by a river and I’m going to be walking with her and my dog alongside the river, taking a break—it’s been a crazy year, and it’s time to breathe! Tanith Belbin and Charlie White haven’t revealed any details yet about when they plan to marry, but might want to schedule the date around the next Olympics.”White indicated to fans that the proposal may have been a bit impromptu. But I think Hawaii took that as a challenge ’cause dang! ” he added, with a snapshot of a rainbow appearing above the ocean. Though Tanith Belbin was born in Canada, she moved to the United States when she was young and competes for the United States. ,” Meryl tweeted after the pair was honored on stage.15 pics inside of Meryl Davis and Charlie White at the NYC event…

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Tanith Belbin, 29, is the girlfriend of Team USA gold medalist ice dancer Charlie White.

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