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Remington dropped them after a couple year for some reason. We bought one for my Nephew several years ago and that kid has put thousands and thousands of rounds through it, it is the Baikail version. Have known several people with Baikails not one issue from any of them.

i owned one, 20 ga sxs, was a heavy clunky gun but was totally reliable never an issue wish I had kept it.

See how mane concrete examples of concrete problems with concrete guns they give. That about sums it up, though I think that "a bit like a log" is a bit too complimentary. If you do get a Baikal, get one without much to break. Expect to pay a fair amount more than an O/U to get a decent one, barring a special deal. I have removed the automatic safety, disabled the ejectors, and added a slip-on pad to lengthen the LOP.

Unlike Humpty Dumpty, a lot of people DO have mechanical failures with Baikals. Expect to pay several times the price of a good pump, to get the same level of quality and handling. I have shot much more expensive guns and know the difference. How many well made products can you name that are made in Russia?

Went to the Mossberg web site and there is a picture of the shotgun there but not too much information.

If you look at one and can't tell that for yourself but have to ask someone else, you are exactly the type of person Remington was hoping to find during the couple of years they allowed their name to be associated with these things.

Most likely will not be getting a Mossberg 28 gauge SXS but was wondering what the details and the feelings were about the 28 gauge SXS shotguns.

Whether it’s a vacation trip to the beach with the family or a hunting trip across the country with the buddies, you can feel confident with a Diamond Back.

The stock is too short and thick in the wrist, the finish is cheap, and although the balance is all right by the entry-level standards, the gun still feels a bit like a log. But if they cost 0 or more, then IMO there are far better choices available. An old Ithaca SKB 100 (not in pristine condition) or skip it altogether.

Search more, and you'll find three or four nicknames that drop by every Baikal/Spartan thread telling these guns are junk. The Sx S is the most expensive type of shotgun, for a given level of quality and handling.

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