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- BRVR has joined Special: Chat poof A house out of houses. - Bug2buga has joined Special: Chat i found a story kinda like that, but the author is the guy that finds the file in the first place, and instead of a dog, he sees a man hung from the ceiling -! Adam the Asphyxiator, Bob the Brute, Chris the Crucify-er, Don the Decapitator, Ed the Eater, Frank the Ferment-er, Garret the Garroter, Hank the Hurter, Ian the Immolator, jurf da kilr, Kent the Kamikaze, Lenny the Lacerator, Mike the Murderer, Nick the Nibbler, Olaf the Obliterator, Paco the Polisher, Quincy the Quaker, Rob the Robber, Steve the Slayer, Tom the Trapper, Ulrich the Undoer, Vasuman the Vitiator, William the Wiper, Xerxes the Xterminator, Zane the Zapper. Grating your face with a cheesegrater takes a long time. - 41488p has joined Special: Chat it's about a lower-middle-class guy, one of many, who wants to fake that he's rich and high-society - hence lounging on a beach, dancing with women on a set, and splashing in the pool that actually turns out to be lounging in a sandbox, dancing in a barn getting sprayed by paper trash, and splashing around in a public hot tub with old dudes bye x D -! - Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special: Chat also some girls actually think im cute, compared to this chick who...i actually dont truly knows what she think of me so yeah i guess its just time to move on -! - Clericof Madness has joined Special: Chat I like roasted nuts if they are honey roasted nuts. There's a risk of melting your skin and burning your house down.

If you are trying to scare me, you are failing so hard that your failing failed to fail at failing. - Jibberldd5 has joined Special: Chat I do that a lot I like staying up because it makes me... - Child Of Mantra has joined Special: Chat See ya later. @Terror: Because it has a director who just wanted to make a good show and didn't much care what property she did it with. Then the sheer cultural gall of young men being interested in a pony show attracted more viewers because it's an amusing concept. (derp) With chicken noodle soup She's the one being the jerk now.

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- Brooke Battles Against was kicked from Special: Chat by Clericof Madness -!