Dating a female commitment phobe

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Dating a female commitment phobe

Because I tend to share different things about myself with the various social circles, people probably think I’m either a prude or unconfident if I don’t tell them about who I might be seeing.

They wanted him to find a nice woman and get going on the path to marriage, babies, and a mortgage—as his friends, presumably, already were doing. Admittedly, I have never given a moment’s thought to the subject of the pressure men receive to partner up and settle down.

The most pressure I’ve received is from my parents, but even then, they rarely ask, and when they do, it’s only out of concern for my well-being.

I feel pressure to settle down all the time, but not from any single person or thing.

For example, if I meet an elderly woman, I can almost always expect them to say something like, ‘So you’re a lady killer, right? ’ It’s weird and uncomfortable—like they’re inferring that you’re a straight man dating around, but it also has a weird sexual connotation.

Same thing with middle-aged men: Although they may straight-up say something inappropriate like, ‘Fuck those ladies good.'” — Mike, 30“I’ve experienced pressure to settle from both social and familial circles.

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It’s about striking that balance between available and just out of reach and mixing it up so things stay fresh and exhilarating.

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