Dating community in guyana

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Dating community in guyana

Guyanese air their views in a direct manner and sometimes forcefully—even in public. The occasions are few where suits and gowns would be de rigueur. In Guyana, friendship is something that evolves; this contrasts with the tendency in Canada for people to consider someone a friend until proven otherwise.

Although short trousers may be worn by men doing field work, shorts should not be worn by women at work. Guyanese do not have the high regard for time that Canadians have.

Guyana are easy to talk to and are not as steeped in culture and tradition as in some more traditional societies.

Public displays of anger are often seen and one could be told off in public for a seemingly minor inconvenience. Even among equals, time and repeated contact are pre-requisites for going on a first-name basis.

A good example of this is if you drop in on someone unexpectedly, if they cannot visit with you they would tell you so.

In personal communication Guyanese believe in "personal space" and would consider it rude or impolite to go "nose to nose" with someone.

Absenteeism is also to be expected—especially after a holiday. For women, knee length dresses and pants are acceptable for work.

Productivity is also much lower than it is in Canada. As for men, dressy shirt and pants or long safari-type suits of one solid colour are also acceptable.

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Family, work, nationality and place of origin are common and acceptable topics for conversations with Guyanese nationals.