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Long before it was used as the means to facilitate the transferral of pictures onto glass, it served as the humble link between pieces of ordinary glass.

For many centuries, glass suitable for window panes was severely restricted in size, and the only way to create larger windows was to piece together small sheets of glass.

Leaded lights consist of a framework of H-shaped lead strips, or cames, that join the glass pieces.

Leaded lights can last for hundreds of years with only minimal care.Installing extra ferramenta can help prevent further buckling.If cames are corroded or have major fractures, the whole panel will need to be taken to a specialist workshop for careful rebuilding.Sometimes lead or copper strips are used instead, to repair cracked glass in leaded lights.Over time, lead creeps under its own weight and causes panels to distort, particularly where rectangular rather than diamond-shaped pieces of glass, known as ‘quarries’, are used for plain glazing.

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Accidents and careless painters can lead to scratches on your windows.