Dating photos mens hats style updating wills

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Dating photos mens hats style

Men’s fashions are more difficult to pin down than those worn by women.

The ubiquitous sports coat and trousers look came in at the beginning of the 1860s, and remained the same except for minor changes until the early 1890s.

The plain white blouse and skirt style continued as everyday wear for many women.

From 1912, as with hats, garments lost a lot of their ornament and fru fru quality. The white blouse and skirt look that became common in the 1890s is seen here in its later manifestation. Her smart outfit is also an example of a type of women’s clothing that began in the 1880s – the tailored suit.

Dress simple in outline, but often ornamented with applied braid, lace or frills. Hair (not clearly seen here) was greatly built up, not only as a look, but also to take the large hat pins required to keep the hats fixed on the head.

The elaboration of the hair with the addition of ornaments prefigures styles of the 1870s. This be-bustled dress illustrates the full development of bustles in the 1870s, with overskirt edged with lace.

Anyone who has turned their mind to dating photographs knows that there are all sorts of clues that can help with this.

The type of photographic print, the paper used, the look of the print, the shape of cars, the presence or absence of buildings, the presence or absence of carts and horses, the types of trees in a landscape, the shape of women’s clothes and so on.

Clothing is an important feature of portraits, so that a general knowledge of changes in fashion can help to establish dates at least in relation to decades.

Clothing can also help in dating street scenes and other photographs where people are out and about.

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