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Bess feels compelled to look into their situation, but the Army and the clinic can do nothing.Requesting leave, she quietly travels to Wales, and that bleak coal mining village, but she is too late.Naturally, the most visible aspect of a full-blown restoration is the paintwork.Veteran author Tony Thacker teams up with LA-based award-winning painter extraordinaire Mick Jenkins to bring you this complete guide to show-quality painting.Description: Bridge the Gap and Reach the Why Generation If you've ever struggled to motivate the young people in your sphere of influence, Answering Why is the game-changer you've been looking for.

But when her grandmother suggests that there is a lost diary containing the location of a hidden treasure on the estate, along with the true identity of Millie's great-grandfather, Millie sets out to find the truth of her heritage—and the fortune that might be hers.

When they are released, she fears that peace will do what war couldn’t—take their lives.

Their officer, Captain Williams, writes to describe their despair, and his own at trying to save his men.

Though the Great War has ended, Bess Crawford finds herself caught in deadly circumstances on a remote Welsh headland in this tenth entry from the acclaimed New York Times bestselling author.

The fighting has ended, the Armistice signed, but the war has left wounds that are still agonizingly raw.

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