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Posted by / 09-Mar-2018 19:14, by web application developers Eliksir AS, is an e-mail marketing and newsletter service for small businesses (via @asteinlein).

allows your customers to book hours and resources online (via @asteinlein).

One Page Only is a simple online time tracking service. Acquired by Egmont Serieforlaget in 2008 ([email protected]).

Company Book provides a social platform to interact with current business partners and clients (via @atveit). is a handmade marketplace somewhat similar to Etsy. by Nordaaker is a website that allows you to track your applications and discover new ones (via @Jensen2k).

Questback provides online survey software and services.

Bright Arch is the software company behind Organization Weaver, a service used in large corporations during restructures/staffing changes and change management.

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Tap Cat, a Norwegian mobile game development company behind Snake Race (via @Maja Om Helse).

Favourite Systems is mobile software development company (via @thomanil). e Z Systems, also known for open source CMS e Z Publish, provides web content management solutions to an impressive list of customers worldwide (via @toranders).

Preseria is a web-based planning and publishing tool for organizers and presenters.

Education and startup initiatives Atbrox develops search technology and provides cloud computing services with Hadoop/Mapreduce and Amazon Web Services.

Meltwater Group is a Software as a Service company providing tools for new media monitoring, news aggregation, and collaboration among others.

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