Dating the visually impaired

Posted by / 22-Feb-2017 11:24

Dating the visually impaired

All it would take is fifteen minutes for a professor to introduce the concept of universal design (the idea that we should design things so that they are accessible to everyone).

He is a wonderful husband to me and father to our three (adorable! In fact, I met Matt one week before I ran my first Marine Corps Marathon. Since Matt lost his vision in college I never knew him when he was fully sighted.

He lived right by one of the marathon water stops so he said he’d go out and look for me during the race.

Sometimes people are surprised when I tell them that, too.If the profile consists of five shirtless gym selfies, and you’re not particularly the gym-going type maybe this information will help you decide if the individual is someone worth swiping right on.So I guess the moral of the story is that accessibility, sadly, is not something that designers generally think about when building technologies.The RLSB will put the ideas before a panel of young people and explore the possibility of developing them commercially.Sue Sharp, director of services at RLSB, told Marketing that while online dating had become increasingly popular, the focus on visuals left visually impaired people behind.

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