Defaulted student loans recovering consolidating

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Defaulted student loans recovering consolidating

Each has their benefits, and we believe it’s wise to understand and study each plan to determine which option you think will benefit you the most in the short and long term.The six repayment plans are the Pay As You Earn, Revised Pay As You Earn, Income Based, Standard Repayment, and finally the Graduated Repayment plan.When the fateful day comes, and your credit looks like a war zone, don’t be afraid.The reported consequences of having no credit are scare talk, to some extent.The reliably predatory nature of American life guarantees that there will always be somebody to help you, from credit card companies charging stratospheric interest rates to subprime loans for houses and cars.Our economic system ensures that so long as you are willing to sink deeper and deeper into debt, you will keep being enthusiastically invited to play the economic game.I am sharply aware of the strongest objection to my lapse into default. The entire structure of American higher education would change.

It struck me as absurd that one could amass crippling debt as a result, not of drug addiction or reckless borrowing and spending, but of going to college. Indifferent to the claim that repaying student loans is the road to character? Blind to the reality of countless numbers of people struggling to repay their debts, no matter their circumstances, many worse than mine? To my mind, they have learned to live with a social arrangement that is legal, but not moral.

My mother, who co-signed some of the loans, is dead. I doubt that anyone can even find the promissory notes.

The accrued interest, combined with the collection agencies’ opulent fees, is now several times the principal.

But if you’re poor and miss a child-support payment, or if you’re middle class and default on your student loans, then God help you.

Forty years after I took out my first student loan, and 30 years after getting my last, the Department of Education is still pursuing the unpaid balance.

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There are a lot of people who could learn to live with that, too.

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