Esl role play dating kitimat dating

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Esl role play dating

One of the most intimidating situations for an English as Second Language (ESL) learner is a job interview in English.This lesson provides ESL teachers with job interview questions and role-play ideas for use in the classroom. Passing a job interview in a non-native language can be downright daunting.Simply stating the name of the company, what it does or sells, and an ad slogan is not enough.

Following are some common job interview questions and some tips on how to handle them.

Role-playing is a great way for students to practice new vocabulary and grammar in a comfortable setting.

It's usually a good idea for you to demonstrate a role-play in front of the class with a trusted student.

This is a tricky question that requires a well thought-out answer.

Students should not say they are terrible at everything or say they have no weaknesses.

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If your students are speaking in pairs, be sure to move around the room and listen in.

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