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Examples of sex chat on phones

Dubbed “Brodie’s Law”, they were introduced after Brodie Panlock, 19, suicided in 2006 after being bullied at work.The move extended provisions in Victoria’s Crimes Act 1958 to include behaviour that involves serious bullying.This covers a wide range of cyber-bullying behaviour, such as making threats over social media or posting compromising photos.State and territory police are responsible for investigating cyber-bullying and may apply relevant state/territory legislation or the Commonwealth legislation.Cyber-bullying is illegal in Australia, but working out what aspects are covered and how can be a challenge.Sexting, cyber-bullying and their related offenses are covered by a range of state, territory and federal laws.

Victoria also has its own anti-bullying and sexting laws.

It also covers stalking and cyber-bullying, which can be reported to ACORN if the actions are intended to make the victim feel fearful, uncomfortable, offended or harassed.

Those being physically stalked or concerned about their safety should report to local police immediately.

Cyber-bullying or stalking involves someone engaging in offensive, menacing or harassing behaviour using technology.

It can happen to people at any age, time and often anonymously.

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In the ACT, as in some other states and territories, stalking legislation may cover some of the behaviours we see with “cyber-bulling”.

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