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Facebook blackberry not updating

Sadly, as of now, No Seen doesn’t support media or even stickers and only functions with texts.As a placeholder for such messages, the app adds an entry which says “We will support viewing stickers, media, and files very soon”.

The free version of Unseen contains advertisement banners on the bottom. The messaging app has a widget on Android which you can simply place on the home screen and read the incoming messages without messing with the receipts.

There’s also an option if you’d like to reply to messages, although that merely takes you to Facebook Messenger.

Apart from that, No Seen lacks any further customization options and is quite barebones in that regard.

This also eliminates the need for an extra application but unfortunately, others like Facebook Messenger don’t have a similar widget. For starters, there’s no way to avoid read receipts on Whats App.

There is, fortunately, an app called No Seen that allows you to read Facebook chats without letting the other person know.

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On one hand, you want to turn them off but on the other, you also want to know whether the other person has read your texts or not.

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