Funny dating site pictures

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You can do a 2 day day if you not, but every time so far has became what they are looking for on the first day.

the First girl isn't one you'd hide from your friends (remember... I'd be more worried about being ripped off by the company than meeting up with a girl who's profile pic doesn't match the reality. Girl #10 - Completely misrepresented, no wonder she cropped it.

Of the people, these sites have been severely morals by american with other times that were bad to the profiles.

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fat girls are fun to play with as long as you don't get caught) XDthe second one... There's just as many, if not more, men in the same boat - we can't all look like Brad Pitt can we - but we sure as heck can look for love.hah, this is such bullshit. Girl #2 - You can't tell what she really looks like under the oversize black sweatshirt. Girls #11 - Once in a lifetime opportunity to shag a cross-eyed asian chick.

well her clothes are so baggy, i'm sure she's got 2 midgets, a Leprechaun, the clown from IT, and Bob Saget all in there. These are mostly just bad pictures of otherwise pretty girls, like number one. Girl #3 - Anyone should know she is BBW by the first pic. Girl #5 - Attractive girl, what's wrong with the picture? Girl #7 - I love girls in glasses, the 2nd photo is bad but it doesn't misrepresent. What can you say, It's easier to lose weight than get complete facial plastic surgery.

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Yes, women are soft and round but that doesn't mean it's healty and beautiful to be overweight.