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Good genes dating service

Both traits were highly heritable, although there was greater evidence for non-additive genetic effects in males.After accounting for assortative mating, the correlation between height and IQ was found to be almost entirely genetic in nature.The data show that taller men have more sexual partners, but the problem here is that taller men have taller daughters, and these daughters are not necessarily so reproductively fit.Whenever you are talking about sexual selection you need to take into account the antagonism that might entail because of the differential value of a trait between the sexes (e.g., masculine men may have masculine daughters). Q., I’m not sure about the long term distribution of fitness for this trait.Second, the correlation between height and intelligence is not that high.This association is probably not going to be intuitively visible to anyone, but rather only shows up in large data sets. tests designs are culturally biased against shorter people, one wonders why this is so.

Population structure of some sort can produce correlations, but patterns within families are often more informative of the genuine genetic basis of these correlations.

This is what you have to do in discussions, but I’m not sure it really adds any value.

How strong is sexual selection for intelligence and height?

Model fits indicate that both pleiotropy and assortative mating contribute significantly and about equally to this genetic correlation.

Pleiotropy here means that the same gene is impacting different traits (height and I. The additive genetic correlation between height and I. was 0.08 and 0.17 in males and females respectively.

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I think that’s doable with this data set, but I didn’t see it in the paper (tell me if I’ve missed something).

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