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Smokin' hot, somewhat haughty look, bored, looks like she needs to be pounded by someone besides her husband, and sporting some tits that you just know she is dying to wrap around a cock.You see, this is the type of chick they write all those "Real Housewives of" reality shows about.but this is the first time I've ever been there and it completely changed my life. Here and there you'll find info on things that have caught my attention as well as the odd tutorial. Gerry had to go and do rounds, and the kids did homework while I photographed the tutorial. Yarn around hook again, and DC into the SC loops of the round above... Continue to DC until you again have THREE DC from the point at which you joined to the other hexagon... Again, make THREE DCs ..are now at the apex of the petal, where you will make two DCs into the same space with a chain stitch in between (just as per the pattern)... Make a DC into the same space on the green yarn round, as the previous DC...Patty sits on George's lap and bounces up and down on his pole like she's giving the guy a lap dance. She places one foot on the table to give him deeper leverage. When George withdraws, gravity takes over and his nut spills down Patty's leg.Patty pulls her ass-cheek to spread her cookie wider for the camera, giving us a very different finish to this cream pie ending.When you get to the corner, insert hook into the little hole of the right side hexagon, just as you would in the previous steps, yarn around hook... Goldie Blair reminds us of one of those way-too-hot young moms you might see at one of your kids' back-to-school-meet-the-parents nights.

Continue to crochet DC as per the pattern, until you have THREE DCs as seen above.

As for JMac, he'd rather fuck Goldie than wrestle her but that's not to be.

(The last time Goldie was here six years ago she jacked off JMac in a Tits & Tugs by a swimming pool.) He did seem to like bikini-clad Goldie sitting on his chest. Milly races down the stairs when Dray tells her to come down, in his hands a bunch of tops he wants her to test with her huge naturals. This is an untapped job opportunity for busty girls and clothing designers: sweater testing.

She swallows the entire shaft down her throat to the balls, then licks his nut-sac and tongues his rod.

Still kneeling, Patty squeezes her 32F-cup boobs together to mash his boner. Instead of Patty getting a load of cum on her tits or in her mouth, George lets loose inside Patty's hot pussy while they fuck standing up. The fearless cameraman is right under them when George pops and captures it very clearly.

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Lana steps out of the beachside resort to gaze at the scenic delights and immediately smells food grilling. While we follow her jiggling tits as she walks down the stairs slowly in her high heels, Lana follows her cute nose to the pool area.

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