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Internet dating assistants

Gently they suggest I shouldn’t use the photograph that got the best scores in their online test as it “is not representative of my look” and guys “like to know what they’re getting” – i.e., I’m really not as hot as the picture implies. “Prove you read my profile, and I might throw in a couple of secret documents just to sweeten the deal.” I now sound not just obnoxious but like I’m on some kind of medication.

They also flag up that of the ten photos I sent at least six were more than four years old. Head honcho Scott’s team have also worked their magic on my profile copy, starting with what I’m looking for in my dream man. “And hopefully we’ll also be flying – off to a new place we’ve never explored, preferably on the other side of an ocean. I’m not just saying that.” And if that use of “zingers” hasn’t already sent my future husband running for the hills, they suggest I finish with this five-Red-Bulls-down finale… Vi DA returned all my feedback with this message: “I think you’re about to experience a big boost in the number and quality of men showing interest in you” – but they couldn’t be more wrong.

Vi DA seeks witty professionals with personality and excellent communication skills. I'll be traveling for a month and found a remote job that will allow me to keep an income as well as not change any travel plans!

I signed up for Flex Jobs and got a new job three days later!

The company strives to eliminate "hundreds of hours of trial and error" by helping clients appear twice as attractive and gain more attention, keep interested parties engaged, and ask people out in compelling ways.

Vi DA's dating service for men has been featured in renowned publications and media outlets, such as magazine.

Using advanced testing and data analysis, Virtual Dating Assistants helps men and women connect with their ideal mates without doing any in-depth searching.

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Most people just don't have 40 hours a week to devote to finding someone special. After an in-depth interview, your Virtual Dating Assistant will comb dating sites looking for suitable matches, send selections to you for approval, and even woo your selections with witty online banter.

Prior flexible employment opportunities offered by Virtual Dating Assistants in the past have featured full-time and part-time, telecommuting positions with flexible schedules and freelance roles.

Past remote work has been available to candidates based in any U. or Canadian location, as well as the opportunity for part-time team members to become full-time employees.

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(One client had a clown fetish and was looking for a woman who owned her own pair of red floppy shoes, water-squirting flower, and red squeaky nose.) That gentleman's VDA set him up with not one, but three women who fit the bill.