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Those are guys whose ideal woman is a hot Asian girl with large eyes and small tits.

If that’s what you like the best, then yeah, you’ll be in heaven if you visit Tokyo. When I talked about Tokyo, I mentioned that I sort of half-liked it, since the women are indeed super hot, but have tiny boobs, which is a huge turnoff for me. They would visit Tokyo and complain that all the women are “ugly” and how much Tokyo “sucks.” So you see the problem.

Is ASU full of hot blonde girls because Phoenix is full of hot blonde girls, or because hot blonde girls flock to ASU from all over the United States then move back home as soon as they graduate? So while college might be a good place to pick up women, I don’t consider it a place to measure overall hotness of a particular city.

Here’s a quickie graph of a few Western cities I’ve visited based on all the above factors.

I’ve segmented the chart into three sections to make it more clear.

This rules out cities that are full of hot girls of a very specific type (like Tokyo or Oslo).I’ve reviewed many cites on the blog, and have discussed the relative attractiveness of women in these cities as compared to others. Yet when I’ve made these statements, I’ve been very careful not to state this in terms of the women I like, but in terms of what most men would like.This got me thinking about exactly how certain cities are more attractive than others (in terms of women who live there), and also how to measure this level of attractiveness. I have very specific tastes in women that are shared by some guys but not others.If they say “X city is super hot” what they’re really saying is “X city is full of the type of women I personally like.” For example, I’ve seen one or two guys say that Tokyo is the hottest city in the world.Well, that’s true…for men who like small-breasted Asian girls.

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Segmented Cities One place where these methods fall down is in cities that are highly segmented.

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