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Naked women gabon

Some Ugandans fully supported the academic’s bold actions, while others expressed outrage.For instance, on the one hand, opposition leader Kizza Besigye told African Arguments “we’re happy that somebody like Stella Nyanzi has used defiance against injustice and unfairness”, and activist Ingrid Turinawe insisted “women in this country are pushed so hard to do such terrible things”.

As Nyanzi’s protest hit the headlines in Uganda and beyond, the response was highly polarised.

“If you’re living in a country where democracy died many years ago, the legal system does not have fairness, you have been pushed to the wall, and you feel you are being humiliated, what can you do?

Of course you will have to look for the best way to show how you are aggrieved and mine was to strip naked so that I can be heard,” Nyanzi told African Arguments.

In 1990s Kenya, for instance, Wangari Maathai and others used their nudity as a powerful tool in their pro-democracy struggle.

During the Liberian civil war, Leymah Gbowee led protesters in threatening to strip naked in an attempt to push warring factions to agree a peace deal.

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And also in that year, dozens of women in Apaa village, northern Uganda, stripped naked in front of two visiting government ministers in protest at their possible eviction.

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