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Posted by / 01-Jul-2017 11:45

A Symantec spokesman said: "On February 20, 2015 Symantec received reports of 32-bit versions of Internet Explorer being impacted as a result of a deployed definition package.This issue affected some Norton and Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) 12.1 and certain SEP RU2 customers who received the IPS definition, but it did not affect customers using Norton Antivirus or other Symantec solutions.

Something along the lines of "Program_error_updating (0,0, I/O error)" (Not the exact words, will update if I can find it exactly) After a reboot, malwarebytes was now ignoring attempts at updating and reporting something along the lines of it's version being when running a scan. Malwarebytes very slow to update due to aforementioned broadband woes Internet issues appeared to fix themselves later in the night. 13th of july Broadband drops to half of the speed of the night before, and fluctuates lower still throughout the day. Having an antivirus software on your Windows 10 is quite important, but it seems that Norton antivirus has a strange conflict with Windows 10.If you are a Norton user and you have issues with it on Windows 10 you might want to have a look at our solutions.

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