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Not quite dating not quite series by catherine bybee

The only problem is Owen’s paternal grandparents stepped out of the shadows after Emily’s death looking to suddenly take custody of the grandson they have ignored all these years.They are truly strangers to Owen and Rachel hoped that moving close enough for Owen and his grandparents to foster a relationship would stop any attempts to grab custody.I would like to check out the prior stories in the series and see if the author kept that same well balanced pace between story and romance and avoiding corny, tired plotpoints.Jason seemed to like the fact that she had to spin around him, since he didn’t volunteer to move out of her way.From New York Times , USA Today , and WSJ bestselling author Catherine Bybee comes the first novel in the delicious Not Quite series.Waitress and single mom Jessica “Jessie” Mann is practical to a fault.While Rachel managed to keep her car on the road, the impatient man behind her went off into a ditch trying to get around her.

It seems that handsome, flirty Jason is actually Jason Fairchild, the owner of Fairchild Charters, Rachel’s new company. Rachel needs this job if she is going to hold onto cutody of Owen so she cannot risk it with an unadvisable flirtation with her boss.Meeting Rachel makes Jason want to step away from his desk for the first time in…well, a time. There was good chemistry between Rachel and Jason, and while neither force the relationship, they didn’t fight it either.Yes, there are some real concerns about dating a woman who works for him, but there is no way he is going to let this woman walk about without a fight. Add in young Owen, who clicked with Jason as well, and this gave Jason a reason to push just a little to keep Rachel from hiding behind the employer/employee wall she was trying to erect between them.She is raising her best friend’s 15-year-old son after losing his mother to cancer.Emily had no family who would step up and Rachel vowed to raise Emily’s son, Owen, as her own.

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Owen was a nice kid and the time he and Rachel spent with his mother while she was fighting the cancer forged a strong bond between them.

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