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marcansoft writes "On September 28, Nintendo released a Wii update, titled 4.2.

This update was targeted squarely at homebrew, performing sweeping changes throughout the system.

During Boot Mii's development, its authors noticed that Nintendo's code had critical bugs and could sometimes permanently brick a console by writing incorrect or unchecked data to flash memory, so they decided to write their own, much safer flashing code.

Now, Nintendo has pushed a boot2 update to all Wii users, and the results are what was expected: users are reporting bricks after installing 4.2 on unmodified consoles.

Nintendo is currently attempting to censor posts and remove references to homebrew.

A: You followed bogus installation instructions that were once posted here; try reinstalling using the revised instructions.

(Hint: If you're renaming anything, You're Doing It Wrong.) A: Also verify that has not been corrupted after you've extracted it. Q: I have downloaded the TP Hack and the homebrew channel and renamed it and put it at the root of my sd card like it says.

I turn on the wii delete the zelda file, copy the TP hack to the wii and go to the disc channel, let it load, start it, do the vision test, load the TP hack file and talk to the man, but then this comes up and it freezes.

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Currently, you can load them from an SD card, a USB Gecko or via local network (Wi Fi or wired).