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Before jumping into a Parisian romance, you need to drop all the American dating rules.

Dating It turns out, the very concept of dating is totally American. You probably know the famous phrase “rendez-vous,” but that literally translates to “meet up” or “appointment.” Without the concept of dating, there are no dating rules you can follow in France.

Ok, so let’s say you went on a great dinner date and scored an 8.5 score on the Chemistry Scale. Because there is always “room for improvement” in America!

) You would think that the next logical step would be asking her on a second date, right? In this country, if you like a girl, YOU HAVE TO WAIT 4 DAYS TO TEXT HER. You can’t really take it seriously, because you know it will never get elected, and yet you know that you have to get through it to get to the next level. Because it appears that the entire female population of America has collectively decided that they will not, under any circumstances, “give it up” on the second date.

And so, I thought it would only be fair to finally give .I have never been one to fall into the relationship routine.Too many of my friends settled for mediocre relationships, but I have never been one to settle. but I often feel like I am waiting for something that will never happen.No, in America, you have to plan an “activity.” You have to show her your sweat, your muscles, your endurance. If the second date is the Bernie of dates, then the third date is the Tax Return of dates.You have to take her on an “adventure” – but not too much of an adventure, please! A., all adventures MUST be limited to the West Hollywood or Santa Monica areas, which basically just means a whole lot of hikes. According to the laws written by the fingers of Hollywood, the third date is when you officially reap the rewards of all your dining / waiting / hiking and “get lucky.” (In L.

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Little did I know that all the rules would be different here.

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