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Take cargo from Take charge of players, principally, on team Take control illegally Take countermeasures Take cover Take credit? The Swedish Nightingale The Swiss Guards guard hi The Switchblade Kid of ci The Szczecin Lagoon is an The T in M. The Titanic, for one The Titans were in it: Ab The toast of Champaign The toe of a geographical The toe of the Arabian Pe The top The top parts of it could easily conceal Arctic permafrost The tops The Tower, e.g. The Trojans, for short The Trump who wrote "For The turf in "surf and tur The Twelve Tables' conten The twist, once The two dots in "na The two English run to make trouble The Two Gentlemen of ___The two of them The two together The U. Theatrical lawyer left one arraigned at the outset Theatrical make-up Theatrical make-up fellow dismissed by agent Theatrical medley Theatrical part Theatrical parts Theatrical piece Theatrical postscript Theatrical production Theatrical profession Theatrical shorts Theatrical Tharp Theatrical types, posh and very, very immersed in stories Theatrical villain losing head in the past Theatrical works featurin Theda Bara, e.g.

Take as one's own Take away Take away (from)Take away - theoretical Take away from, as profit Take away journalist found in the Channel Take away light chest stored in study Take away little by littl Take away sandwich followed broadcast Take away the defenses of Take away tonic cafe's put out Take away, at law Take baby steps Take back Take back hated present Take back on board Take back to the lab Take back, as a statement Take back, as one's story Take back, in a way Take breath away by giving two veg a twist Take by force Take captive Take care of Take care of a bill Take care of a fly Take care of a neighbor's Take care of a soda wareh Take care of one's taxes Take care of polluted universe I've left behind Take care of section wherein lies bottomless, bottomless pit Take care of the spread Take care of, as duties Take care, as Strictly judges observe one? The sun, in sunnyside up The sun, moon and stars The sun, personified The sun, the moon and the The Sun, The Moon or The The sunny side, in sunny The Super Bowl, e.g. The supreme Supreme The Supremes and others The Supremes, e.g. The things here The things there The things we do The Thinker, for all we k The third "D" of 3-DThe third man? Sinatra The third of September The third one is a shocke The third time's said to The third to rate this clue as "moderate"The third to the fifth? The Three Link Fraternity The Three Stooges had man The Three ___The Thrilla in Manila, fo The tide may be heading away from part of duck's foot The Tide, of college spor The Tigers The Tigers of the N. The Times, perhaps, introduces upper-class person with no money The Tin Man's prop The Tin Woodsman's quest The tiniest bit The Titanic's was Southam The Titanic, e.g. One goes over sets Theatrical company Theatrical dame, succinctly recorded, just placed Theatrical director, instinctive, to move quickly to secure run Theatrical drop Theatrical drummer discontented with violin concerto's introduction Theatrical duke's assets turned theatre round Theatrical end arguably has hidden agenda Theatrical faint Theatrical hit, in slang Theatrical knife?

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