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I've lived here over the last 7 years and consider it my second home. It needs to be underscored though - Dubai is a transient place. At no point should you ever have the illusion of making this country or city your permanent home. The bad Social clusters: Despite there being 200 nationalities living in UAE, the norm is to stick with your own kind.Which makes the place - rather, pretty much the entire GCC region, very cliquish, and subtly speaking, "racially aware".Monica & Rona From Iran Olga & & Dominica From Ukraine We have Big boobs and a nice curvey bodies! Our pictures & Video are taken in our Hotel Room and are 100% REAL! We have new service here , it's called :king and we three , that means we 3 girls serve: one men at the same time ! Anyone who has seen her smile has known perfection.

As of 2010, 1,838 people died from road injuries "accounting for 14 per cent of all deaths"[2].Insurance premiums, therefore, for new license holders are higher.Obesity and health issues: Dubai is hot 4 months of the year, and hotter in the remaining 8 months. There's a ski-slope, a world class ice-rink, go-karting facilities etc, all indoors, in artificially regulated environments. A majority of people work 9-5 jobs, spend hours in the cars commuting, and if entertainment is due, they go out to eat. When expats first move to Dubai they have to adjust to a new culture, lifestyle and diet.In the middle of one of the performances, the Adhaan (Muslim call for prayer) went off. You'll find clubs on the same stretch of the road as mosques. Open culture: You could go to the beach in this: No one will blink twice. Telecom & E services: I don't know if that's a normal thing to be in love with.The performers looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders, and said they will return after 10 minutes, after a prayer break. Yes, they do ask you to be mindful of their culture (we've seen beachwear in malls), but unless you're having sex in the back of a cab or on a public beach, you'll not be arrested for public indecency. The general environment is that to "live and let live". Most people have had little to no personal experience with crime. But as a resident, 95% of anything and everything I want to do can be done with a click. Most of the government services are online and fairly easy to access.

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