Speed dating for black singles in chicago Aquaman adult dating

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Speed dating for black singles in chicago

Chicago, IL I have been to a few events and it's definitely a great way to meet new people.I really like that the speed dating events are broken down by age and sometimes even interest.This company is listed on Yelp as matchmakers but really, they are event planners.They offer a room, charge a fee and let you do the rest. These guys advertise through a couple different websites and via partnering with other groups on Meetup. Games Include: Hip Hop Charades, Family Feud, F*ckboy BINGO, Giant UNO, 5 Second Rule, Naughty Blocks, Battle of the Sexes Musical Chairs and more!We are made up of a very diverse group- from business owners & seasoned professionals to recent grads.They threatened to measure men at the door to prevent 'rounding up.If you said oh tall men and women, that would have been fine.

You say 'we'll weigh you at the door to prevent rounding teehee. Every time the bell rang for the next "date" we found ourselves trying to squeeze in last minute information.

It just makes it easier to choose an event and sort of know what you're getting into.

IF looking to break yourself into the world of speed dating, this is not the definitive.

Actually there were more men than women for the party so my friends and I were happy. They're a lot of fun and a great way to meet a lot of women in a short time.

Time flies when you are having a good time and meeting new singles in the area so me and my friends will definitely do something like this again. If you're not into the bar scene, and don't like online dating, this is definitely the way to go. My friend really wanted to go, so I decided to tag along and see what it was all about.

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We didn't know when to start, stop, when it was over, what to do, nothing. There were way more guys than girls, which the guys were not happy about. By the last few I was just tired and ready for it to be over. I will say that from what I know, everyone was in the age range that was indicated and they were all professionals, so that's good.

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