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Posted by / 30-May-2018 10:05

The new feature is called "Feed" and has already started testing in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.According to a blog post from Tinder, the feature "brings your matches to life by delivering a visual and interactive experience that helps you spark conversation with the people you want to meet most." It aims to solve the old problem of matching with someone great and then forgetting they exist.

The logical next step here would be to let artists post status updates, tease new music, and share their favorite songs with fans (something they can already do by creating playlists).

Though many competitors have cropped up since then, Tinder is still a popular classic.

People have used the service to find lasting love, post hilarious bios, sell housewares, and of course, simply date.

For starters, Spotify could make its friend activity stream more interactive and bring it to the mobile app (it has long existed only on the desktop interface).

Let people like and interact with each other’s listens, share songs, playlists, and albums more easily (perhaps in that Stories-like format), and post things to one’s activity feed (like free-form text statuses or images), rather than just showing the last song you listened to.

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In the meantime, I’ll be over on Facebook, doing my best to break up the Trump headlines and fidget spinner memes with this hot new track.

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