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Anyone you have had sex with will need to be tested and treated.

Partners are almost always given medication whether they have symptoms or not.

Some people want to tell partners in person, others want to tell partners anonymously.

You can talk to your health care provider about what ways might work best for you.

If you have chlamydia but don't notice any symptoms, you can still pass it to someone else.

If symptoms do develop, it may take 14 to 21 days after sexual contact before they appear.

Swabs are used for people with vaginas/internal genitals, as well as throats, and rectums.The bacteria can be found in semen, ejaculate, vaginal/internal genital fluids, and rectal fluids.Pregnant people may pass the infection to their baby's eyes during childbirth.Usually you will get tested for other STIs at the same time.Ask your health care provider to also test for syphilis, gonorrhea and HIV.

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