Tips for dating a coworker

Posted by / 08-Apr-2018 09:26

Ultimately, you have been hired to accomplish certain tasks for your company or organization.If working in close proximity to your love interest makes it tough to keep your personal life from affecting your professional productivity, then dating a co-worker might not be the best choice.The exciting thing about love is that you never know where it will find you.If it finds you at work, losing your heart can be a wonderful experience–as long as you keep a clear head in the process.

What you do outside of work is your business; what you do at work is your employer’s business. Keeping clear boundaries also means ensuring discreet behavior.Still others require a signed contract or agreement, which stipulates workplace protocol to avoid conflicts of interest.Make sure that by dating someone at work, you’re not breaking rules and putting both of your jobs in jeopardy.Don’t make co-workers uncomfortable by displaying your affection when things are going well, or airing your grievances if things go awry.And don’t use office email for personal communication—it not only interferes with whatever you’re supposed to be doing, your gushing expressions of love may not be as private as you think.

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These are the people you see every day, and chances are you have a lot in common; when you spend most of your time with someone, you often get to know them in quite an intimate way and create the type of chemistry that is hard to ignore. When you date a colleague, they understand the pressures of your job and “get you”.