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Some things may sound negative, but all I want is to prepare you for what is coming because I simply know you are going to need these Bangladesh travel tips badly.Bangladesh is just one adventure after the other and exactly that is what this country makes so unique and incredible to visit!

Dhaka is made easier as there you can find Uber and Uber is really cheap here.

There are hardly any tourists and even if you go to the most famous Bangladesh tourist attractions you will feel like you are off the beaten path.

The experience of really exploring a country, finding ways to get from A to B, struggling with the language, seeing things you have never seen before in your life, interacting with genuinely friendly locals, being frowned upon like they did not see a Western for years, feeling the appreciation of visiting their country and not being screwed over as a tourist was simply incredible. In the next paragraphs I am giving you an honest inside into Bangladesh tourism.

I constantly asked myself: Where do all these people come from? When it comes down transportation to and from the Bangladesh destinations for tourists accept challenges.

The transportation network is not that advanced yet.

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Because my blog and Instagram account are doing really well the last two years I mostly traveled to so-called instagramable places, like Maldives, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Greece and Australia.