Totally dating new mexico

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Totally  dating new mexico

Several sources estimate that at the time of the American occupation in 1846 these archives consisted of approximately 168,000 documents.[3] Following General Stephen Watts Kearny's occupation of New Mexico in 1846 the men he appointed to establish a civil government under American rule were confronted with more than the basic problem of maintaining the records of a new government.

They also had to decide what to do with the thousands of documents accumulated during the previous two and a half centuries of Spanish and Mexican rule.

During the twelve years it took the Spanish to organize and carry out the re-conquest of New Mexico, most vestiges of Spanish material culture were obliterated, including virtually every record and document left behind during the hasty Spanish retreat : A mere four documents in New Mexico's archives pre-date the Pueblo Revolt of 1680.

Consequently, the vast majority of extant Spanish documents in New Mexico's archives cover the period 1680 to 1821.

There exists worldwide a substantial body of documentation which testifies that the Spanish were great records producers.

The survival of this vast documentary resource can be partially credited to the Spanish propensity for the reports and investigations they required to maintain contact with and control over their far-flung empire-and New Mexico was one of the most remote of the Spanish provinces.

As with the other provinces of New Spain which were under the authority of the viceroy New Mexico was administered by an appointed governor who as had both civil and military authority over the non-ecclesiastic affairs of the province.The process by which these records made their way from the Palace of the Governors in 1854 to the New Mexico State Records Center and Archives a century later requires us to follow the development of two separate record groups which evolved from the documents Davis described.The first of these is the record group known as the , or SANM I.The law does not specify whether this responsibility extended to the care of the old archives which had been left by Mexican authorities in the governmental offices they abandoned in 1846.Consequently early Territorial Governors, beginning with James S.

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He noted that the Territorial Secretary occupied an office which consisted of two rooms.

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