Transmissionsexchange diydating com

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Transmissionsexchange diydating com

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The first 2, and sometimes 3, digits relate to the VW Type and Model and/or Version of vehicle that the part was originally* manufactured for.(*Parts originally manufactured for one vehicle were often subsequently used as standard equipment, or replacement parts, on another Model and/or Type vehicle.) TYPE 1 Model Numbers: 11 = Standard Beetle 13 = Super Beetle 14 = Ghia 15 = Beetle or Super Cabriolet/Convertible 18 = Thing TYPE 2 Model Numbers: 21 = Van 22 = Microbus 23 = Kombi 24 = Panel Van/Samba 26 = Pickup 27 = Ambulance TYPE 3 Model Numbers: 311 = Fastback 315 = Notchback 361 = Squareback The 4th digit in the nine digit series corresponds to a Main Group Part Category.

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This particular part is a rear transmission mount for 1973 1/2 and newer Beetles and Super Beetles.

Digit #9 can also be an indication of what SIDE the part is for, if the part is side specific.

Another example: 111-109-301 A is a 36HP cam follower (lifter and pushrod were one piece in 36 HP engines), while 113-109-301D is the pushrod for a 40hp engine, and 311-109-301A is the pushrod for 1966-1979 Beetle engines.

The 311 designation is used because the 1300/1500/1600 engine was FIRST used in the Type 3 model VWs, even though it ended up being most recognized as a part that could be used in Beetles.

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9 digit VW Part numbers are sometimes followed by letter combinations (a Modification Code) that indicate options or modifications for that part (i.e.