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Updating fedora from command line

If you need something other than that, you might consider a fully-automated Kickstart install.

Updating the kernel on Red Hat Linux or Cent OS Linux is a very simple process.

When you install the application package, the package management tools automatically install the library packages.

If a dependency is not available, the tools do not install the package, so you can avoid a sudden malfunction.

Security updates and upgrades to a next release are performed entirely by package management tools.

I have an nvidia 1070 graphics card and the Fedora GUI is painfully slow and mouse pointer is invisible. You can't do this using the Live media, but you can with the netinstall image.

I've had similar problems installing Ubuntu, although it wasn't that slow I think. Use this link for the Fedora 25 Workstation Netinstall, or find it in the right column under "Other Downloads" for Workstation or Server.

Most commonly you will use the following command in the case of a security vulnerability, or perhaps just to verify that you’re running the most up-to-date kernel: is the package you’re updating!

Assuming your server needed a new kernel and was thus upgraded, reboot your server to complete the process!

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