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Multiple new kernels for Hackintosh 10.9 are in the works, although there still are minor issues with most of them.

Most of these kernels aim to allow users to run Mavericks on AMD and older Intel CPUs, which lack certain instruction sets of the latest Intel CPUs.

However, all of these compilations rely on the work of kernel hackers made by Lorem (build 9A466), Syntheti X (builds 9A499, 9A527 and 9A559), To H (builds 9A581, 9B13 and 9B18) and more recently a group calling themselves Stage XNU (now called Voodoo) (Darwin 9.4.0).

Their contributions trickled down into the various Mac OSx86 installers, readily available on the Internet.

Significant efforts have been made to emulate instruction sets like SSSE3, which are not present on AMD K10-based CPUs, and older Intel CPUs, like the Intel Core Duo.

A hacker by the handle of Brazil Mac created one of the earliest patching processes that made it convenient for users to install .The main problem was that many people were forced to modify DSDT or use kexts due to some specific issues.As soon as possible modbin and dmitrik released test versions of kernel that allow to boot Snow Leopard on AMD machines.These distros were copies of the Mac OS X installer disc modified to include additional components necessary to make the OS run on the non-Apple hardware.A prominent member of the community, Ja S, released many distros of Mac OS X Tiger containing patched kernels.

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This simplification made the Brazil Mac patch and its later revisions quickly the most popular choice for many distros.