Validating credit card

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Validating credit card

Make sure any errors on your credit reports have been corrected, because the report is typically pulled and reviewed again prior to closing.

Once an appraisal report has been filed with your lender, it may be time to consider locking in your interest rate and terms.

Locking in your interest rate and loan terms sets your whole mortgage pre-approval application in stone.

Lock-ins protect you against increases or other changes while your application is processed.

Potential homeowner Elizabeth received loan approval and the lender sent loan documents to the closing agent.

Elizabeth signed them and put her down payment into escrow, and was expecting the loan to fund, but the lender refused to fund the loan, stating that she had not satisfied certain conditions.

When your lender tells you the loan has been approved, make certain you see the approval sheet and work with your loan rep to assure that you are complying with all requirements.

Later, when you sign your loan documents, get a copy of the list of all remaining conditions from the closing agent and make sure someone is handling the items listed so your loan funds come in on time.

The functions also take into account which letters are valid in the various positions.

If the market moves against you and 15 days later the rate is 6.375%, you’d be losing money.

It may not seem like much of an increase, but that slight percentage bump means you’d have to pay 5 more per year for every 0,000 you borrowed.

Soon thereafter, the underwriter will return one of four possible decisions about your application: approval, approved with conditions, suspended (more documentation required before a decision can be rendered), or denied.

In most cases, a mortgage pre-approval application will come back marked as “approved with conditions.” Satisfying those conditions, whatever they may be, is the first of two critical tasks that you must complete in order to turn your “approval with conditions” into a full loan approval.

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Keep in mind, however, a locked-in rate may also prevent you from taking advantage of rate decreases during this period.